Being Fat Is A Daily Challenge

Sleep is never sweet…rolling over requires a plan…to roll over,you must grab the edge of the matress & pull yourself onto your side,but if you have a sagging mattress you will roll onto your back,so once you are on your side be sure to use your legs for support. While you struggle to get on your side…there will be times when your toes or calves cramp,causing you to quickly flip over to exit the bed…you throw your feet on the floor,bounce into a standing position,& walk out that cramp. 

Sleeping on your back is a poor choice…you all to soon start strangling. On your belly is another poor choice…can’t be done…belly is huge & hard. 

With very few choices,snoring,sagging mattress,you toss & turn all night…or try to toss & turn. Your lower back,hips,& thighs hurt so bad you want to scream. Your heart races & pounds. You can’t wait till daylight when you can get up & start your day. 

When awake…walking is painful,sitting & standing are painful,shopping is a nightmare. You arch your bach to support your huge belly & reduce the pain. When you sit you open your legs to allow your huge belly to fall through & rest. You often have indegestion. 

In fast food places you cram your huge belly into the booth…& sometimes all your cramming won’t get you into a booth. 

Your double…or triple chin covers your neck…looks like you have no neck. Sometimes you check to see if you do have a neck. Your self esteem is zero. Even the hugest clothes possible won’t fit you. 


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sporty cars are my passion...I love food & eating...I blog for therapy & fun...I am a hermit.,which is my husband's fault...long story. I am an Earth Angel with the gift of healing. I wish to teach the art of manifestation & write a book on that subject. I am here to teach & heal...that's my purpose,my calling. I am a spiritualist.
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