Nothing But Chaos

My youngest son keeps chaos in full force. He lies,hangs with idiots,& is always driving those losers places. He can’t be trusted. He’s a chronic liar. His hair is bright red. He reminds me of Ronald McDonald.

Worse than the liar is this damn house…its literally falling apart. There are loud noises in the house from the foundation crumbling. There are ghosts that frequent my bedroom & the hall. They watch & even touch me. You can here them walking down the hall. 

7 naps a day is killing me.  With all that sleeping I still can’t stay awake. 

About bavariandreams4ever

sporty cars are my passion...I love food & eating...I blog for therapy & fun...I am a hermit.,which is my husband's fault...long story. I am an Earth Angel with the gift of healing. I wish to teach the art of manifestation & write a book on that subject. I am here to teach & heal...that's my purpose,my calling. I am a spiritualist.
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