Lung spasms & A Great Big Old Belly

ugly reminders…I’m 99% negative & a beer hound. I live stressed,depressed,fearful,anxious,& worried. I’m never happy & I never feel good. So many times I sit here or there & gasp hard to breathe. A trip to the bathroom nearly kills me…& this is a small house. Hah! 51 & already chatting about sickness,pains,& medicine. 

Mix in the husband’s daily rages…Bret running the streets with those idiots…6 naps a day…living as a hermit…I’m alive & yet dead. Strangers stare at me with curious expressions. What are they seeing…an abused woman that has given up? Worthless trash? Sadness? Do they pity me or wish I’d vanish like flushed toilet paper? Do they see death? 

Soon it will be beer-thirty…& vodka. This hermit is ready to get boozy. 


About bavariandreams4ever

sporty cars are my passion...I love food & eating...I blog for therapy & fun...I am a hermit.,which is my husband's fault...long story. I am an Earth Angel with the gift of healing. I wish to teach the art of manifestation & write a book on that subject. I am here to teach & heal...that's my purpose,my calling. I am a spiritualist.
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