Stupid Bastard On A Game Forum

Asshole trying to start shit with me. I was going to retaliate…or defend myself…but nope…the nasty idiot can simply fry in hell. 

I hate those flunkies on that forum…worthless cyber-bullies. I fought with those pukes in the past…NO MORE…but I will post on the forum as much as I want. 

Ass clowns hate me cuz U spent real money on the game & have cars & mods they will never have. Jealous snotty nosed brats. 

The stupid bastard today be bringing up the past to get a fight going. I almost retaliated. I still want to. Gah,I hate that son of a bitch. Forgive my strong language. 

About bavariandreams4ever

sporty cars are my passion...I love food & eating...I blog for therapy & fun...I am a hermit.,which is my husband's fault...long story. I am an Earth Angel with the gift of healing. I wish to teach the art of manifestation & write a book on that subject. I am here to teach & heal...that's my purpose,my calling. I am a spiritualist.
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