Bored & Angry

Each day in this old deteriorated shack is the same…4 to 6 naps,read,journal,blog,play a car racing game on my laptop,eat,drink,watch movies,& pray for a way out. 

I hate my bedroom…all those naps…surrounded by all those books that have never made me rich…sleeping on that old broken bed,surrounded by trash & old journals,with spider webs sagging above me. 

I’ve come to hate Facebook. I go there & am reminded of all that I want,but can’t have. Others are living their dreams,having adventures,living life to the fullest. Great for them,but it deeply depresses me,cuz I am poor,abused,a hermit,living in a badly deteriorated old rental house,in a horrible neighborhood,with no possible way out…cepts for death.


About bavariandreams4ever

sporty cars are my passion...I love food & eating...I blog for therapy & fun...I am a hermit.,which is my husband's fault...long story. I am an Earth Angel with the gift of healing. I wish to teach the art of manifestation & write a book on that subject. I am here to teach & heal...that's my purpose,my calling. I am a spiritualist.
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