Almost No Time For Blogging

Still sharing my laptop & expected to be finished in 5 minutes. I get 5 minutes per session. That’s why my blogs & other accounts are badly neglected. That’s why I am taking 7 naps a day. His sessions on the internet are between 1 to 3 hours. I do overstay during my sessions…5 minutes is NOT enough time to do what I want to do,but when I exceed my time I feel tremendous guilt…like I should be punished.


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Low Fat Dieting…Day 1

Had a chicken fried steak for breakfast & 1 for lunch. No sides. Water to wash it down. Those steaks are very filling & delicious. 

I think I’ll have fruit for dinner. Right now I am still stuffed from that steak. Maybe I’ll have a small cup of Tapioca pudding. I’m not going to be to strict on this diet…& that’s 1 of the keys to success.  1 or 2 treats a day keeps the diet tolerable.

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Excited About My New Diet

My menu includes veggies,fruits,bagels,cream cheese,oysters,country fried steak without gravy,rice,canned chicken,tuna,yogurt,& water. Its the diet I did ages ago & went from fat to slender. Its low fat,other than the steaks,but the steaks will be eaten in moderation & needed to keep me on the diet. I can’t tolerate an all bland diet. The cream cheese too will be enjoyed in moderation. Success on a diet should include 1 or 2 foods you love…in moderation.


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I Think I Am Dying…For Real

I’ve been sleeping all day…can’t wake up…painfully weak…dizzy…feeling like death…iced cold…falling asleep. There’s a gross odor here in the kitchen…making me nauseated. I’ve done nothing but sleep all day…can’t keep my eyes open. flowers 800

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Decided To Go With A Low Fat Diet

Years ago I had success eating nothing but low fat foods & drinking diet beverages. I went from fat to slender. All was good until I got married & then got pregnant. 

I’ve been on all sorts of diets…Low Fat,Atkins,South Beach,nothing but fish sticks & soup,1 meal a day,that dangerous fast weigh loss diet,the cabbage soup diet,aerobics,diet pills,etc. Believe it or not,I used to be a size 1. 


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Something Useful


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Blew That Diet All To Hell

Pancakes for breakfast,rice with gravy for lunch,& Cee Cee’s pizza for dinner. I gorged on desert…went into the Dollar Tree certain I was going to die. I was weak,lightheaded,feeling faint enough to pass out & die. After being on a strict diet don’t gorge on sweets. I’m blessed I’m still alive. 


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