There’s Actually A Positive Report

My husband goes back to work Monday…I only had that nasty cold for 1 day…& my oldest son is being tested today to get his GED. 

I am writing the blueprint I use in manifestation within the Laws Of Attraction. I hope to someday have it published. 

I have 70% less pain in my lower back,hips,& knees. Unfortunately,the spasms in my lungs are getting worse. 

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I Am Hating This Day

My belly is swollen tight & hurts really bad. I am freezing cold here in the dining area. Cold drafts coming through the windows & doors. I am recovering from a nasty cold. I feel terrible. I need a nap…so very sleepy…lots of pain in my belly. 

The water in the bathtub has been running since yesterday…Landlord won’t fix it. Today the entire bathroom is wet,including the spiderwebs. The webs are sagging low…nasty. 

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I Thought It Couldn’t Get Worse

The old man was fired from his job & all 4 of us are sick with what seems to be a terrible cold…& the internet bill is due…& 2 of our cars are having problems…& those damn ass clowns continue causing trouble. 

All I know to do is use the Laws Of Attraction toward making money…hopefully to become insanely rich. I watched a video about teenagers that became rich from websites they created. I started to get excited…& then I remembered how much I hate advertising. I’m not business oriented. I have no interest in being a business owner. 

Here I am with breathing difficulties & my asthma bottle is broke…so…no medicine. This damn cold could go into bronchitis. That would send me to ER. It could kill me.

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Waiting For Spring Storms

That’s the highlight of living as a hermit. Drink beer while it storms like crazy…pouring,blowing rain…thunder & lightning…the yard is beginning to flood & so is the Kitchen floor…red alerts on the weather channels…praying the electricity don’t get zapped…finally finding fear exciting…savage rain on the windows in sheets…enough wind to make the old windows whistle…dark enough to give thoughts of a tornado…everyone in the family safe inside the house…uh huh,excitement for hermits like me. 

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The Old Man Is Off Work For 3 months

This is a red situation. My sons & me won’t get any breaks from the old fool’s raging. We will be back on the cheapest frozen dinners & might even lose the house. Eating out 3 times a week will be over & we’ll very likely lose the internet. 

The old idiot has been cussing my sons & me ever since he came home from the hospital. So anyway,he becomes sick enough to pass out,so his employer don’t want him on the job,for fear the old man will pass out,hit his head on something,& die. So now my sons & me are stuck with the old fool for 3 months. He blames my sons & me for his failed health & has said we will be punished cuz he feels terrible. 3 months in an unbearable hell. I think I’d rather die.

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I Didn’t Commit Suicide Yesterday

After the terrible way my youngest son treated me yesterday I was suicidal. I kept praying to stop myself from committing suicide. I was crying & shaking really bad. I’m still messed up from that. I’m still shaking & in tears. 

He put me through unbearable hell to please a fat ass whore. He didn’t give a rat’s ass about me & my feelings. He knows I have a weak heart & various sicknesses & pains. 

I carried him for 9 months & had a damn difficult time giving birth to him. I raised him as best I knew how & did it in the clutches of poverty & abuse. I gave him what I could & have always shared with him. This is how I raised both my sons. I taught them right from wrong & taught them the laws of attraction. His Dad bought him a sports car. 

He treats his brother,Dad,& me like shit,while treating his idiot friends like celebrities. He takes from us & gives to them. He caters to them,waits on em like a dutiful slave. He’ll dash out the door to be with em no matter how sick or in pain he is. He will tackle any kind of weather to be with them…pouring rain,snow,hail,tornado,110 degree heat,flood…he’s addicted,obsessed. I am not exaggerating. 

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He Broke His Car & Took Mine As His

I don’t know what to do. My 17 year son took my car from me. I retaliated & that’s when he threatened me. So he now has 2 cars & have none. I am in tears. That was my car…I had picked it out & owned it for 2 years…up until today when he took it! He will kill over those damn idiots he hangs with. I felt I was in danger & that’s why I gave him my car. I never knew he was that addicted to those freaks. I never knew he was that damn selfish. I never knew he hated me that damn deep. I am in complete shock. 

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