I Must Get Rich Quick

If I don’t get rich quick I will die a poverty stricken hermit in this old 1959 shack…& my sons will never have a rewarding future. We are all 4 doomed if I don’t get rich quick. 

I don’t know how to get rich. In my family we are all 4 ignorant & 3 of us are uneducated. Aight,there’s my 17 year old son,22 year old son,60 year old husband,& me…52. None of the 4 of us know how to be successful in life. 

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Fat,Cold,& Ready To Cash In My Chips

I’m not even being funny. The other half the internet bill is due. I don’t have an invoice to make the payment & the old man won’t pay it. Flip it all! Its $172.00 a month! We can’t go elsewhere,cuz we can’t let anyone inside this dangerous old shack. We can’t move to a decent home,cuz our credit is shot all to hell. We are doomed! No hope! 

I fight to keep the internet…but is so dreadfully boring…but I’d go insane without it. Its a love/hate relationship.  

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New Foods This Next Week

Low fat frozen dinners. Plus,the usual…fruits & cottage cheese,veggies,beans,yogurt,& rice. Have omitted the country fried steak & bagels,but will continue eating the canned chicken & rice. 

Its been a rough day. Ate a box of cinnamon knots. My oldest son has complained all day over a order he placed that didn’t work out. My youngest son is at the fair with some of his buddies. I am ready for him to come home. Its 9 in the evening. He has been gone for hours.


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Started My Diet July 27,2015

not 3 weeks yet & I am already complaining. The food is good…its the slow progress thats discouraging. I look in the mirror & don’t see any changes or improvement. I don’t have a scale or full length mirror…nothing to measure my progress or lack of it. No one that sees me has noticed anything different about me. Oh,but I can walk without pain…that’s fantastic & I am grateful.

Young female is writing notes and planning her schedule.

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After A Closer Look…

Today I am as fat as ever. Tough as it will be…I must omit the steaks & alcohol beverages. Most likely its the booze that’s keeping me fat,bloated,& swollen. I look like a damn blimp. Whatever,I am not giving up. 

Tonight I bought lollipops,suckers,& gummy candy for snacking.  The fat woman eating is not me…I’m not that fat.


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A Book I Can’t Read Or Even Hold It

I have the book & each time I see it I am reminded of the bitch on the author’s forum. She cussed me out & then banned me. It left me so traumatized I can’t read the book…or even hold it. I consider tossing it in the trash. 

Wendy,the bitch,was all claiming to be Laws Of Attraction…light,free,& angelic. I can’t remember what pissed the idiot off,but I had never been cussed out that profuse. That was like…maybe 5 years ago…& I am still not over it. The damn fool hated me from the beginning. 


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A Really Crappy Night

I should have never watch a horror movie before bed. There was no sleep for me last night. I tossed & turned…cover on…cover off…stick a leg out,foot on floor…sit up on edge of the bed…rearrange the pillows…lay down…on side…legs stretched out…fetal position…on back,1 leg pulled up toward chest,other leg stretched out…this went on all night. 


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My Daily Diet

southern fried steak




cottage cheese

canned chicken

canned tuna

canned oysters



chicken wings without sauce

fat free yogurt

diet soda


Do not mix the carbs with the proteins

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Suffering With Severe Lung Spasms

A trip from the bathroom to the dining room leaves me gasping hard to breathe. It feels like a 300 pound man is sitting on my chest. Otherwise,I am doing better…no more pain when walking…& I am losing fat…looking more like a woman each day. This morning I woke up,looked at my arms,& was pleased by the fat I’ve lost in this short span of time. 


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Last Night Was A Bitch

I was up all night with my belly & heart hurting. The pain was unbearable. On  top of that my teeth & ears were aching. I thought I was going to die. I felt nauseated. My belly & heart are still hurting. My lung spasms have worsened. 


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