I Hate The Old Man

The fool raged right up to bed time. He was targeting my 2 sons & me. We ignored the old idiot. Most of his blubbering was about money. He was waving his poverty complex like a well respected flag. 

The old man worships money…idolizes it…lives for it.  Money is his highest priority. It comes before our health & lives. Money is his obsession,his passion,his lover. 

I’ve spotted him in his room stroking cash money…admiring it. He spreads the money out on the bed & looks at it like a lover. When he buys something,he spreads the money out on the counter,so he can say good-bye to it. Its disgusting. He’s disgusting.


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When A Mother Gives Up

For years I gave him rules & boundaries,cuz I love him & want to protect him & keep him safe & well. For years he rebelled &  made my life a living hell…& continues to worry & stress me to the breaking point. He continues his profuse obsession for those flunkies he hangs with. He treats us,his family,like strangers. He is rarely home. He can’t get enough of those vultures. They are his passion,his drug,his obsession. 

He’ll be 18 in 2 months. Its time for me to give up. I will always love him & I will always worry,but the fighting & stressing is over. I’m done. I give up. 


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What Am I Feeling This Rainy Night?

Rage! My youngest son has been with those gay ass clowns all damn day! They are celebrating gay marriage being legalized! I look at the band on top of  my blog & its a gay rainbow! I am too close to God & have read the bible enough times to believe being gay & marrying gay is an abomination. I side with God not mere mortals! Being Gay is an abomination! Read the bible! Homosexuality is a sin & a ticket to hell! 

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Lemme Try To Maintain My Sanity

I’m not obligated to like those savages. Forgiving them is something I do to bring peace & wholeness into my life. I’ll even say a prayer for those ghetto rats…Lord,bless em each with a terrific home & life in another state. I’ll even bless em…grant each 1 Lord,with the ideal way to move to another state.                             AMEN

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Its Time For Me To Give Up

My youngest son favors those flakes he hangs with. He’s deeply obsessed with them. He serves them like they are royalty. Yeah,he’s 17,but damn,his passion for those freaks is out of control. Its not normal & not healthy. Its repulsive. I am at the end of my rope with fighting that vile relationship. He chose those assholes over his family. They are his drug,his obsession,his passion. There’s nothing I can do or say to erase that abomination. Its an unbreakable bond. 

I know he wants friends & a social life,but what he has with those ass clowns is of the devil. He nearly lives with those vultures,can’t get enough of them. He serves them & never says no to them. He says nothing while they trash his car & mine. He said nothing when they slashed a tire on my oldest son’s Camaro. He said nothing when those nasties spray painted a big portion of the front yard & hedges with red paint. He said nothing when those animals vandalized the property & nearly got us evicted. I don’t know if he’s afraid of them or afraid of losing them. 

I’ve fought that disgusting relationship for years. It never ever ends. I’m fighting a losing battle. I might as well give up. Its time I quit. You know its out of control when a mother gives up. 


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Confused & Angry

Its of utmost urgency we move out of this old shack & into a decent house. The only possible way would be to buy a house in this hell hole town. That would mean another 30 years in this ghetto & I’d be 80 & my husband 90 by time we paid the house off. It would also kill my dreams. 

It is my fondest dream to move back to Green Cove Springs Florida. If I commit to a house in this crappy TN town my dreams will be sacrificed,but we need out of this dangerous shack ASAP. 


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Nothing But Chaos

My youngest son keeps chaos in full force. He lies,hangs with idiots,& is always driving those losers places. He can’t be trusted. He’s a chronic liar. His hair is bright red. He reminds me of Ronald McDonald.

Worse than the liar is this damn house…its literally falling apart. There are loud noises in the house from the foundation crumbling. There are ghosts that frequent my bedroom & the hall. They watch & even touch me. You can here them walking down the hall. 

7 naps a day is killing me.  With all that sleeping I still can’t stay awake. 

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