Mingling With Christians

I see I am not the only 1 hurting & suffering. I guess I had thought I was in a boat alone…I’m not…& there’s others much worse off than me. There are parents that have lost sons & daughters to death…people with terminal illness…folks with body parts amputated…the homeless & those with nothing to eat. In comparison to many others…I am blessed. Sure,I am suffering & miserable,but my life is what I made it…with my thoughts & visualizations. I am laying in the bed I made. Above all…I am fearfully & wonderfully made & I am blessed.

We think we are cursed & living in hell…poor,pitiful me…cuz we don’t have millions of dollars,a mansion,& a collection of expensive sports cars. We are controlled by ego & brainwashed by society.  We think our worth is based on how much money we have,the car we drive,& the house we live in. No wonder we are unhappy,miserable,and suffering. All we see is what we want & can’t have. We don’t stop to see our blessings & express gratitude for those. Open your eyes & look around…you are already blessed.